Epic Assignment in Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear Community & Friends 

Most of you know that I consider my professional path, my calling in life. With great excitement, I have accepted an epic assignment in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was chosen out of 250+ applicants to be the Director of Health & Fitness at DC Ranch Country Club.  I will have the privilege to design, equip, staff, operate and cultivate a state of the art, 5,000 square ft. performance-fitness facility. Construction begins June 2018 and opening day is planned for April 2019. The performance facility will offer Club golf athletes, recreational fitness-enthusiasts, and their youth, cutting edge fitness training and nutrition education!

I will be heading West mid May. It’s a bittersweet decision to leave Alabama. My decision to leave my friends and family, especially my Dad, is very difficult. Transitions can be hard, but often necessary for growth.  My calling has never been without transitions, so my journey continues. As I enter my career prime, I am believing this opportunity is made for me; an ideal fit. My decision is backed by my faith, Shane Fryer, ceaseless prayer warriors, courage, and perhaps a touch of nomadic blood. 🙂 Sadie Pearl is ready when I am, and Shane will be joining me in a few months.

Community, I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for the support and opportunities here in Etowah County for the past 2 years. Thank you for the opened doors and the closed ones too. Thank you for nurturing my roots. My mind and heart have been restored. I have no doubt that I’m better from my time in Rainbow City.  I hope you observed and felt what I deposited here in my community. It was my mission to share with you, fun, evidence based fitness and nutrition education. A special thank you to my private clients, Zee’s gymnastics team, Gold’s Gym, Meadowbrook Weekday Education, Etowah Civic Clubs, RBC Publix®, City of Gadsden’s Noccalula Falls, The Gadsden Times, Anniston/Gadsden Christian Family Magazine, and their readers, thank you for the honor! It was a pleasure!

Oh, I’m not done yet! ♥

→My fitness adventure retreats are still ON! I will be facilitating  the remaining 2018 Fitness Adventure Retreats @Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, in Farmington, Pennsylvania! Don’t miss your chance to come and experience this amazing, healthy vacation!

I will continue volunteering my time as the nutrition and health related editorialist for The Gadsden Times. It is my privilege to keep you informed of food facts vs. fiction, nutrition trends, and debunking fad diet claims, etc. Please read my column every first Sunday of the month.

→Your support matters to me! While in Alabama these past 2 years,  I wrote a book called, Evolve Healthy: A Mindfulness Guide to Food and Body Liberation. It’s in its final editing and book design phases! It will be published August/September 2018! I hope you like it. If you do, please share it with your friends and family! Stay tuned and connected with me via my social media accounts for presales and book launch announcements.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Take another step. This one. Now, this one…Onward!


♥Danielle Fryer (aka Dixie)

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