The Mindful Clean Plate®

A Practical Nutrition Plan for Behavior Change

By: Danielle Fryer RD, CSSD, CSSD

All rights reserved ©2006-2017

Are you an emotional eater? Are you frustrated with unsustainable food plans? Are you tired of counting calories? Are you confused by the do’s and the don’t of food and nutrition?  If you answered, “yes” to one or more of these questions, you’re in good company.

The Mindful Clean Plate® includes:

  • Strategic Planning: Weekly proactive planning worksheets for food shopping, meal preps, cheat (mod) meals and exercise duration recommendations.
  • Simplified Nutrition Plans: Learn sustainable meal planning and food preparation strategies. Train your senses to stimulate food satisfaction and enhance food choice quality, quantity and balance. Learn how to: practice mindful eating; listening to your body and inner dialogue while identifying emotions, meal prep for success, discern clean foods and acceptable processed foods, and practicing a cheat (mod) meal. Gain access to Danielle’s recommended shopping list and 32 clean recipes!
  • Membership and Support: Join me and over 700 members in The Mindful Clean Plate Community for regular encouragement.

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The Mindful Clean Plate® Testimonials

Ready for this fabulous day. Down 7 pounds in 7 days. Have my meals prepped for the day and going for my morning walk. This lifestyle change is fantastic! Thank you, Danielle Fryer,

Kristin Reid, RN, Alabama

Danielle is a genuine expert in the field of nutrition, fitness and mindfulness as documented in her book, “The Mindful Clean Plate”. Her exuberant, joyful, loving and infectious attitude easily and gently pushed through my slight resistance/can’t do attitude which allowed me to stay committed to the process.
I lost more than the 20 lbs. within 8 weeks of her program and achieved a flexibility that I didn’t think was possible anymore at my age (51). Danielle infused a forgotten sense of joy and wellbeing in my body/mind and transformed my life.
Her method is simple yet revolutionary, not diet-restrictive but expansive. She teaches your body to restore awareness for hunger and thirst. After a brief period of re- (un-)conditioning the body works its original intelligence again. If you are ready to transform and rejuvenate your body and have a chance to work with Danielle, do it.
Michael Pilsl, Sales, Arizona

“The Mindful Clean Plate” works period. It’s not a diet but rather a way of eating. By simplifying all the mumbo jumbo of what you can and can’t eat into a few simple edicts or rules you can easily focus on what you like to eat, enjoying your food and retraining yourself to allow your body to heal itself back to the way it should be.
One of the best tools provided is the daily journaling of your food as it reminds you to drink water, vary and balance food groups and keeps you honest.
A once a week cheats meal is built in, planned for and allowed so that you can eat mindfully for the rest of your life and not be dieting. My motivation for following this plan was to get my husband on a healthy path and off of all of his medications. He had inflammation and arthritis as well as acid reflux. This was no way to live. Amazingly, within three short months of following the plan we both reached our desired weight goals and he is now medication free.
Nancy Warwick
group fitness instructor, Chapel Hill, NC lost 24lbs
Greg Warwick
Architect, Chapel Hill, NC lost 32lbs

“The Mindful Clean Plate” clearly talks about the benefits of healthy, clean eating while providing an easy to follow “how to” plan that takes the guess work out of portions, what types of food to eat and what food groups should be eaten in tandem to get the most nutritional benefit. The book shows you how to incorporate exercise into your plan and emphasizes that this is a lifestyle change and way of life, not a diet plan, while breaking it down into a manageable twelve week time frame. I’ve struggled my entire life with being overweight and body image issues and have tried many “diets” over the years. This is the first plan that I have utilized that I can truly see following and working for the rest of my life because it’s so simple and flexible. Many thanks to Danielle for sharing her knowledge and vision so others can benefit.
Chris Turner, 2016, Pheonix, Arizona

I sought out Danielle’s help because I wanted to lose some weight.  I didn’t have a lot to lose but was struggling to comfortably fit into my clothes.  What I discovered was that I knew everything about “dieting” but forgot how to eat right and listen to my body.  Danielle recommended that I stay off the scale for a month. That was extremely difficult but it helped me to focus on my meal plan and exercise and avoid obsessing about the scale.  The Clean Plate journal was an easy tool to record my meals.  It was refreshing to not have to count calories or fat grams.  It taught me to create more balance with each meal.   My body changed dramatically in 5 weeks – I lost 5 pounds and 12.5 inches!!!!!  I never felt deprived.
I learned a few critical things from Danielle that I still use today. I was actually keeping weight on because I was denying myself food.  She taught me to eat more, especially breakfast.  I am not a big breakfast eater so she encouraged me to drink a protein drink in the morning.  I also learned about “clean” eating and it has been a complete paradigm shift.  I now view food as medicine and love. I choose to eat clean, healthy foods because it is a gift to my body and is much more sustainable than eating sugar-free, low-fat foods that contain nothing but chemicals.
Rocky Schwartz, New Jersey
AFAA Group Fitness Instructor
Real Balance Health and Wellness Coach