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“It was so helpful…glad to have more clarity on food choices rather than

what is marketed to get our money and make you think it’s a healthy choice.”


Hike + Yoga = HIKOGA®

The Original Hiking and Yoga class since 2011!
Refresh the vital realms of body, mind, and breath on this magical 1.5 hour getaway. Connect with the morning. Celebrate the planet of your being and open to your place in nature with mindful hiking featuring fresh, revitalizing air and rich, cool ground to touch. During this hike, we will not make use of a yoga mat. Instead, we will turn inward every 15 min. of the hike and perform standing postures along the way. All postures will be simple, supported, with intention to BE PRESENT, relax, and find stillness as we take Yoga off the mat and onto the earth.

2018 Speaker Presentations

  • March 22 @ 12pm @Gadsden Rotary Club. “The amazing benefits of diet & exercise”

Doggone Healthy®

Tail blazing the path of experiences!

Sadie Pearl is a pet therapist. She visits hospice patients, reads healthy books to wee ones at libraries and schools. She is available for all types of creative workshops! Book your event with Sadie Pearl! It will be Wooferful! Follow SP on  Instagram. Inquire HERE


Sports Nutrition Seminars


ACE of Gadsden

Zee’s Gymnastics Team

January 29 @4:30pm

February 26 @ 4:15pm

March 19 @ 4:15pm

 Tiny Tumblers



@Meadowbrook Weekday Education HERE

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♥Host Danielle Fryer for a One to Two day Workshop. (hotel, spa, resort, gym, Yoga/Pilates studio, schools, athletic facilities, or equivalent) Content ready and open for discussion. Now booking 2017-2018 programs.