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Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Located near Pittsburgh in the Pennsylvania Mountains


Nov 5-9 Schedule of Events 2017


2018 Fitness Adventure Retreat Schedule:

Feb 18-22, April 19-22

TBA: June, July, Aug,

Oct 14-18, Nov 4-8

Smart Cart Grocery Tour

Upcoming schedule here

“It was so helpful…glad to have more clarity on food choices rather than

what is marketed to get our money and make you think it’s a healthy choice.”

Doggone Healthy®

Tail blazing the path of adventure!

Sadie Pearl is a Pet Therapist. She visits hospice patients, reads healthy books to wee ones at libraries and schools. She is available for all types of creative workshops! Book your event with Sadie Pearl! It will be Wooferful! Follow SP on  Instagram

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2017 Sports Nutrition Seminar Series

Gadsden, Alabama Zee’s Gymnastics Team

October TBA 2017


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Previous Events:

♥Host Danielle Fryer for a One to Two day Workshop. (hotel, spa, resort, gym, Yoga/Pilates studio, schools, athletic facilities, or equivalent) Content ready and open for discussion. Now booking 2017-2018 programs.

Retreat Testimonies

“I attended Danielle’s wellness retreat at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in February. It was awesome!! The exercise routines were healing and invigorating. Danielle was  attentive and gently guided the class through each routine to ensure that there was gain, but  no injury or lasting pain.  I literally felt 10 years younger after a week (no kidding). With the nutrition component, Danielle demonstrated how to prepare foods that are satisfying and comforting, yet healthy. Following her guidance, I am more likely to make eating well a habit. There was an added bonus. Danielle is very personable and a lot of fun. There was genuine, hearty laughter throughout the week. That added to the feeling of well being.”                –Devarieste Curry, (Attorney at Law) Washington, D.C.

Spending my first weekend home in I don’t know how long. Very happy about this! Time home with my incredible wife, our cats, in our new home and practicing everything we learned at the A-MAZING  Wellness Retreat at Mii amo we experienced last week under the guidance of the ALL-talented, knowledgeable & super-fun Danielle Fryer. Can’t thank Danielle enough for a very eye-opening & ultimately life changing experience. Definitely consider visiting and attending one of her many retreats for yourself.
 —Guy Cosmo, Flordia (Pro Race Car Driver)  Palm Springs, FL

This is one amazing woman! What a privilege to know her and be part of the fitness transformation retreat. She is a gem in the fitness world with more knowledge than anyone I’ve encountered.
Heather Kaye, California.