Medical & Lifestyle Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy is available for prevention, increased health, sports and medical needs.

Nutrition outcomes require education that is science evidence-based. Whether your needs are focused on prevention, increased health, sports performance, or you have a medical need, Danielle’s council includes behavioral therapy, accountability, and sustainability. With compassion and understanding, she works closely with her clients to create outcomes! Food education, specific meal planning, grocery shopping lists, macro and micronutrient profiles are created along with exercise recommendations as needed. Clients can expect to receive core and complex concepts that are practical for busy lifestyles.

  • Establish Create a simple and sustainable meal plan that maintains high energy throughout the day.
  • Effectuate Successfully lose undesired body fat and achieve a good weight for your genetics.
  • Enhance Make optimal food choices that enhance healing of regular day to day aches, pains and injuries. Additionally, investing in future health.
  • Embrace Adopt a trusted path towards resolving body image obsessions and disordered eating habits.
  • Empower Learn to grow your self authority and manage food during stressful times, i.e. when feeling out of control and turning to emotional eating behaviors.
  • Educate Prevent feeling bad and enjoy consistent energy. Find answers to your questions about why food makes you healthy and how food can keep you sick. Get the TRUTH about fad diets, food labels, macronutrients, carbs, protein, fat, cholesterol, fiber, supplements, sodium, vitamins, supplements    

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is a therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and their associated symptoms via the use of a specifically tailored diet devised and monitored by a registered dietitian-nutritionist.

Rx: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Emotional Eating, Eating Disorders, Obesity, Diabetes (Type I & II), Cholesterol, Hypertension (blood pressure), Constipation, Diarrhea, Colitis, Digestive Problems, Food Allergies/Intolerances, Celiac Disease, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, ADHD, Lyme Disease and more.