Sports Nutrition Therapy

Are you a recreation or competitive athlete that needs the down and dirty on what, when, how and why to fuel and hydrate to perform optimally?

Invest in your success with this personalized sports nutrition plan. No single athlete is the same and how you fuel matters as much as you train!

Phase 1: Plan

Focus: Together, we will build the foundation and individual platforms for your customized meal plan. We will establish our roles for working together regarding accountability and an agreement for success. A personalized written meal plan will be created.

Phase 2: Practice

Focus: We will review your progress and refine your meal plan. Coaching will be provided to help you overcome obstacles that cause you to stumble. We will discuss past patterns, food behaviors, relationship with food and personal environments. 

Phase 3: Succeed!

Focus: Additional refinement setting you up to rock your nutrition plan! Coaching will be provided to help with other healthy lifestyle practices that enhance your food choices.  Topics such as stress release techniques, sleep, supplements, and exercise.