Fitness Program Design

Random workouts give you random results! 

This program includes 6 weeks of customized workouts for YOUR goals!  Receive 1 to 3 different routines to follow each week, for 6 weeks, at your local gym. After our initial phone consultation, I will develop these routines based on your schedule needs and the equipment  you have available to you. After 6 weeks, you will need to shake it up to keep the awesome results flowing.

Your fitness program design will pinpoint which days you’ll workout, how long each workout will be, what exercises to perform, how to perform each exercise with good form, how many sets, repetitions and how much weight load is necessary to sculpt your body.  *Each program is written as a 6 week phase before phasing into a new phase design.

What you can expect to receive:

Remote Service:

  1. 30 min. phone consultation: Goal setting & body assessment consultation
  2. Itemized exercises
  3. Prescribed frequency, duration, weight load, sets and reps based on individual goals.
  4. Access to me! I want you to succeed! I’ll be available to you to provide any clarification as needed.