2018 Fitness Adventure Retreat

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Located near Pittsburgh in the Pennsylvania Mountains

The Fitness Adventure Retreat @ Nemacolin is a super playful and meaningful fitness and nutrition retreat, created with passion and purpose, to be an agent for a healthy lifestyle change! This retreat includes 4 nights of action packed adventures. There is also free time for relaxing and spa treatments . If you like the idea of having strength and cardio training gym workouts each morning, state park hiking, yoga, biking, a goofy bowling workout, scavenger hunts, silly adult gymnastics, nutrition workshops, and a group post workout breakfast, this luxury retreat is for you! Come by yourself or with others. Either way, you are bound to make new friends and create connections that last a lifetime.


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Retreat Testimonies

“I participated in a fitness retreat at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort with Danielle Fryer being the organizer and director. I had a totally wonderful time! Danielle was sensitive to each of the participants fitness levels as well as their age and health concerns. She tailored the exercises so that each of the nine participants in our fitness group felt we were working out at a level that worked for us. There was no pressure (unless it was appropriate) and no awkwardness. In addition to that, I learned a lot of new fitness information and exercises and I’ve been working out in various forms for over 40 years. Plus, the icing on the cake, she made all of this FUN! I highly recommend to anyone considering a fitness retreat with Danielle or training in any format with Danielle, that you go for it! It will be worth your time and financial investment. —Catherine Kushner, Hershey, Pennsylvania

“My wife and I recently returned from our Fitness Adventure Retreat at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort hosted by Danielle Fryer and we cannot stop talking about our experience!  I booked the adventure for us as a fun and healthy way to celebrate her recent birthday and it exceeded all expectations!  The way that Danielle tailored her program and activities to suit our abilities to maximize everyone’s enjoyment was truly awesome. I arrived hesitant about being the only male participant in the group and dreading morning workouts, but you really do have a way at making things fun and welcoming! 2 weeks ago a fitness vacation at a luxury spa would not have been on my to do list, but yoga, massages, and adventures with new friends make me check the schedule for the next Fitness Adventure Retreat! Danielle’s program included strength training, nutrition, and yoga, but the surprise that we didn’t expect was the FUN!  We biked through Nemacolin’s on-site zoo, Hikoga’ed through Ohiopyle State Park, Fit Bowled, participated in Adult Gymnastics, and laughed like children every day! Having been home for almost a week, we are still energized and look for ways to implement healthy changes into our daily routines while making fitness fun!” Bryan Clay, Massachusetts 

“I just returned home from the November 2017 Fitness Adventure Retreat with Danielle Fryer.  The week’s events were enjoyable, educational, and sustainable for me to continue here at home. For a fulltime employed and highly-stressed individual, this was the perfect wellness retreat that embodied nutrition, exercise and mindful eating/living. My future focus will be ‘on the present’ and self-care. Danielle individualized many aspects of the week towards each of the participants- she took the time to get to know each of us and worked plans around our dietary and fitness goals. I learned so much in a short time and am already marking my calendar for future retreats.  Her positive energy was contagious! Her quality and entertaining retreat is a rare find!  You can enjoy a wellness vacation and this is the one that defines it all! —Mimi Fiorelli, Pennsylvania

“I attended Danielle’s wellness retreat at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in February 2016. It was awesome!! The exercise routines were healing and invigorating. Danielle was  attentive and gently guided the class through each routine to ensure that there was gain, but  no injury or lasting pain. I literally felt 10 years younger after a week (no kidding). With the nutrition component, Danielle demonstrated how to prepare foods that are satisfying and comforting, yet healthy. Following her guidance, I am more likely to make eating well a habit. There was an added bonus. Danielle is very personable and a lot of fun. There was genuine, hearty laughter throughout the week. That added to the feeling of well being.” –Devarieste Curry, Esq. Washington, D.C.

Spending my first weekend home in I don’t know how long. Very happy about this! Time home with my incredible wife, our cats, in our new home and practicing everything we learned at the A-MAZING  Wellness Retreat we experienced last week under the guidance of the ALL-talented, knowledgeable & super-fun Danielle Fryer. Can’t thank Danielle enough for a very eye-opening & ultimately life changing experience. Definitely consider visiting and attending one of her many retreats for yourself.Guy Cosmo, Palm Springs, FL

This is one amazing woman! What a privilege to know her and be part of the fitness transformation retreat. She is a gem in the fitness world with more knowledge than anyone I’ve encountered.Heather Kaye, California.